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VOL.1. FEB.15th. 1892. No.2.

The TALENT NEWS will be published the 1st. and 15th. of each month.

Terms: 25 cents a year.


The Chilean muddle is in a fair way to he settled peaceably.

Chili has agreed to arbitrate.

This is a sign of progress.

We call this a civilized age, but the boast is irony so long as nations settle disputes by bloody war. If an individual -- a national unit -- injures another individual, the latter seeks redress in the courts, through the decision of a jury of his peers.

Physical strife, except under the most aggravating circumstances is considered barbarous.

But when many individuals, organized into a nation are injured by other individuals similarly organized they meet in deadly conflict and the world calls this glorious war. Grim sarcasm!

End of the World.

A very learned minister of the gospel is preaching to the people of Jackson county that the world will surely come to an end on the 29th of March next at half past 11 P.M. sharp. No mistake in the figures this time as all previous calculations have been carefully revised and corrected.

We assure our readers, however that even an event of such magnitude will not interfere in the least with the regular publication of the TALENT NEWS.

We have employed as associate editor, a long, lean, angular individual who is expected to run the heavy quill of the NEWS office and collect items.

He is a very peculiar individual, possessing the wonderful faculty of dematerializing at will, so that he can enter a room through the keyhole as easily as anybody else can crawl through a crack in a fence. This explanation is necessary as meetings, lectures etc. may be reported when the NEWS man has seemingly failed to be present.


A report is being circulated that W.J. Dean and wife went forward for prayers at the recent religious revival at Talent.

Our reporter interviewed the parties to ascertain if the rumor be true. He learned that while they were unconscious of having made such a move, yet as Hypnotism, mesmerism, animal magnetism, spiritualism, or some other mysterious ism, seemed to have been "induced'' at the meetings referred to, it may be that they not only went forward for prayers, but kept on untill they took all the degrees and signed the constitution and by-laws.

However, if they were influenced to such an extent, it would not, they hoped, be attributed to the preaching or exhorting of the revivalists, but to the splended singing of Dr. Kahler.

The wedding cake that somehow found its way from Phoenix to the NEWS office, was superb.

May the youthful pair, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Colemam, long live and may their bright honey-moon never wane.

A fellow in Georgia is preaching that the devil is dead.

We opine that there will be no little sqabbling as to who will be his successor, for the position is one of great influence.

Subscribe for the NEWS.

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Feb. 15th. 1892.

The first subscription to the TALENT NEWS comes from Mr. Jas. W. Briner of Coles, California.

It required no persuasion to secure the above name.

Mr. Briner knows a good paper when he sees it.

Ruth Cleveland.

We have just recieved a dispatch from Grover Cleveland which offers the TALENT NEWS the exclusive right to publish all valuable information concerning the health, habits, and remarkably rapid development of that wonderful infant, Ruth Cleveland.

The dispatch briefly mentions that presently the baby is happy, the mother is happier and Grover happiest of all.

When is Ground-hog day? -- the lst., the 2nd., or the 14th. of Feb.? So important a matter should be settled by the legislature of the state.

Mrs. P.N. Hogue, H.H.Goddard and wife, W. Beeson Sr. and son, J. Aid and B. C. Goddard made a pleasant call at the NEWS office the past week.

We have repeatedly seen, at the church, hall, and other public places, horses, warm from hard driving, tied to a fence for hours, fully exposed to a bitter, cold wind. That the owners can enjoy themselves while their horses are thus suffering, would indicate that they had never run across the words, "A merciful man is merciful to his beasts", or that they don't consider the passage inspired.

Sell a two-bit chicken and subscribe for the NEWS.

The Grange.

Wagner grange, at its last meeting, wrestled manfully with the following questions: Does a knothole in the body of a tree rise as the tree grows? Is there any chemistry involved in the growth of vegetation? The latter elicited much thought.

In response to the call for short, pithy gems of thought, the following are a few that were offered:

  "Man wants but little here below;
  This statement causes mirth.
  It might have been in olden time.
  But now he wants the earth."   G. Anderson.

  "Pleasures are like poppies spread;
  You seize the flower, the bloom is shed." -- C. Sherman.

  "A few moments devoted to thinking and planning often saves hours of hard work."   Sula Dean.

Prayer meeting every Tuesday evening at the Lynch school-house.

Social dance at the hall next Saturday evening. Tickets -- Fifty cents.

Mrs. B.C. Goddard is still at her daughter's and we regret to say that her health improves but slowly.

Welborn Beeson and J. Foss have added much to the appearance of their farms by constructing new fences along the street.

The concert at the church last Friday evening proved to be very enjoyable. The singing was excellent and was highly appreciated; but the Rev. C. Hoxie's stories and happy illustrations took down the house.

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