When The Darkness Came To Talent

A Fable by Mayor Don Steyskal

Once upon a time, nestled in the hills of southern Oregon, there was a small community called Talent. The people of the area were friendly and caring, and proud of where they lived.

One day, a darkness settled over the valley, bringing sorrow and consternation to the people.

"Oh no!" they cried. "What can this be?"

"The Library, Home of the Light of Knowledge, has been closed" came the answer. The people asked, "what can be done to save our Library?"

The people went to Medford, seeking help from the Council of Wizards. The wizards said "We have not the power to lift this darkness. We shall ask for the help of all the people."

Sadly, many of the people said, "We have the 'Net' to provide us light" and they would not help. But the Internet light was cold and hollow.

The people of Talent said "We will help more than before" and again asked the wizards for help. However, once again, they were rebuked.

But the people of Talent cried, even louder "We will help even more than before!"

The Council of Wizards then put forth all of their power and rekindled the "Light of Knowledge". But they had been weakened and could only cause an ember to glow, which lessened, but did not drive away, the darkness.

Then the people of Talent said "Twice we said we would help, NOW WE WILL DO IT!" Then the local magicians created a spell that fanned the ember and caused the "Light of Knowledge" to shine brighter than ever before, and drove the darkness from from the area!

And the people rejoiced, for their beloved Library was once again open for all to use.

The people learned a valuable lesson. It was not the power of wizards, but the willingness of the people, that kept the "Light of Knowledge" burning brightly!

The End