Lemonade sale for Talent Library
Amanda Bolsinger For the Tidings
BROTHERS RILEY (LEFT) AND NOAH Price work with their father, Garry (middle), and mother, Jane, during Wednesday's lemonade sale.

Lemonade Bros. bolster library

By Amanda Bolsinger
Tidings Correspondent

Two brothers in Talent are changing their community one glass at a time. Well, at least one ceramic mug filled with lemonade at a time, anyway.

Riley and Noah Price have set out to raise $1,000 for the Talent Branch Library's Enhancement Fund. Riley is 12 years old, and Noah is 8. The two boys are home schooled and both fell in love with the library at a young age. Last year the brothers decided to host an impromptu lemonade stand to raise money for the library and raised $29.

This year, they raised the ante.

In addition to the lemonade, the Price brothers' stand offers lemonade in handcrafted ceramic cups donated by local ceramics artists. The unique cups sell for $5 to $12 and come full with lemonade donated by Shop 'N' Kart in Ashland, and ice donated by Tarks Market in Talent.

The lemonade stand was held in front of the Talent Library on Wednesday afternoon and will also take place Friday afternoon from 1 to 5 p.m. Their parents, Garry and Jane, let the boys run the show while doing some more of the background work.

"We are just the laborers," Garry jokes.

Garry is an artist and made 120 ceramic cups tor the event. He also helped the boys to contact several other ceramics artists from the area.

Riley is passionate, easily articulating exactly what the money will do.

"The money is going to the enhancement fund," Riley says. "Talent has a lot of new growth and needs a newer, bigger library"

Noah knows that his hard work will help the library that he loves.

"This library just feels more comfortable than the other ones," Noah says.

Both brothers can't remember a time when they weren't frequent visitors to the Talent Library.

"All the people, the librarians, and volunteers here make it feel really friendly and nice," Riley says. The relationships came in handy when the pair pushed their plan on Talent's head librarian, Laurel Prchal, who is grateful for the effort.

"The boys really did all the work," Prchal says. "They just asked me for permission, and I thought it was an absolutely great idea. It was fabulous and unique. They boys worked really hard on it. They did the whole thing, the donations, some of the glazes, talked to the artists. They did great."

Participating artists include: Polly Beach, Dave Cornell, Joel Davis, Phil Fishwick, Charlie Hoye, Bonnie Morgan, Frank Phillips, Garry Price, Jim Robinson, Jim Romberg, Cila Russell and Marian Telerski. The Price family hopes that the lemonade stand inspires others to contribute in their own ways to the community as well as raising money for the library.

"The library just needs more room for all of their books," Noah simply states as he unrolls a set of four ceramic glasses in newspaper.

That's four glasses of lemonade, and $20 more for the library.

[Reprinted with permission and courtesy the Ashland Daily Tidings. August 26, 2004 edition.]