The Talent Library used to be located in what is now known as the Community Center. The shelving you see in the picture is the Northwest corner of the main larger room of the Community Center. This is the way it looked when I first started helping my mother, Alta Estes who was then the librarian. The big box you see in the picture played a big part of the first library. All the books were stored in that box when the library was closed and each day, the books would be taken out of the big box and placed on the tables. Of course there were few books at that time. You can see the padlock on the front of the box which was always locked after the books were put inside.

The shelving you see along the wall had doors on them when I first came to work for the library and each time we closed, the magazines and extra. books had to be put inside the shelving units and the doors were locked for safety. Since many events were held in this room, it was necessary to keep the library books cleared from the room.

The library was then moved to what is now the kitchen in the Community Center and it was GRAND! Not only was it pleasant but there were shelves for all the books and more and we didn't have to put away any books or magazines. Also a new gas heater was installed which was a big change from the large wood heater which was in the Community Center. Usually by the time I got the fire burning quite well and it began to warm a little, it was time to go home. The new library was comfortable and warm.

Next we moved to LARGE quarters in what is now L.O.V.E. pre-school. Due to community effort, many shelving units were installed so we could have many more books. We also shared this space with the Police Department which had separate quarters in the basement. We thought this was our answer to a library until the rains brought excess flooding to the basement. At one time, Police Chief Chuck Roberts (at that time), called me to tell me it was flooding and when I arrived, books were floating around on water up to my knees. This flooding happened frequently and thoroughly.

In June of 1975, we moved to what is now our library. Not only was it spacious and pleasant, it was so BIG! Another bonus was the pleasant park in front. It has been and is a very serviceable and comfortable library for the people in Talent area. We are pushing at the seams and use all the space but it is still a building to be proud of.

The Talent Community Club was the first benefactor of the Talent Library and they paid the librarian's wages which was $5.00 per month. The library was open 2 afternoons a week for 3 hours each day. The wages were raised to $7.50 per month and then to $10.00 for 3 afternoons per week. The Talent Community Club became the Talent Federated Women's Club. Eventually we were part of Jackson County Library System with advantages of new books, exchange of books, help with new ideas and much more. At this time, we have a library system to be proud of with many services and reading materials. We have come a long way!

Hulda Sommer, librarian 1969-1990

[written 1989; pictures and original type-written narrative from a scrapbook belonging to Friends of the Talent Library]