September 13, 2004

Thanks for library support

On Aug. 25 and 27, my brother and I had a lemonade stand and ceramic cups fund-raiser for the Enhancement Fund of the new Talent Branch Library. We are proud to say that we had a very successful event. Through the help of the many lemonade customers, including all of our good friends and neighbors, we raised $1,450.

We asked several local ceramic artists to donate hand-crafted cups for this benefit and were generously given all of the cups for the sale. We want to give a big thanks to Polly Beach, Charlie Hoye, Phil Fishwick, Bonnie Morgan, Frank Philipps, Garry Price, Jim Robinson. Cilla Russell, and Marian Telerski for giving us over 250 unique pieces of art to sell with lemonade in them. Special thanks to our Dad who alone made 150 cups! Thanks to Shop 'N' Kart who happily donated all of the organic lemonade and Tark's Market for the ice.

We also want to thank Laurel Prchal, head librarian of the Talent Branch Library for her many caring comments and support to us through the entire planning and running of the event. She and all of the staff at the library are a big reason that we and everyone else love this library so much. Also thanks to the Jackson County Library for all of the publicity and to the Friends of the Talent Library, a tireless group of volunteers who are heading up the Enhancement Fund effort and are working hard to raise $250,000. All of the Friends volunteers made an effort to come to our sale and purchased cups!

My brother and I had never done something like this before, except for last summer when we sold lemonade on our road and earned $29 for the library The experience of doing something positive and then having something to give back for the effort is truly a great feeling. We think everyone must like this feeling, and hope that we all find ways to give back to our wonderful community.

Riley Price
Noah Price

[Letter to the Editor of the Ashland Daily Tidings, reprinted with permission.]